What is Chargaming

Good question, before we go into what it is, let us go back to the beginning of time.

How it all began

Growing up I had a strong passion for gaming, the first game i ever played was Mortal Kombat II in a shady made up arcade(basically a guy with a bunch of SNES in a wonky, dark wooden shack) back in the small town where i was born. I remember needing to save a good amount of lunch money to play 2 games(it took me a while, cause i was a hungry kid, and i am still). The build up to that day was epic, for just 2 minutes of gaming. Even though those moments lasted just a few minutes, it did sow a seed of passion in me. I had no idea at that point, but my future was being molded gradually.

Fast forward to my teen years, my passion for gaming had reached a considerable height. Having a bunch of friends who shared my same passion was ecstatic, but due to my family’s financial situation, i was unable to keep up with them. Fortunately though I had a particular individual(will remain unnamed for now), who really helped sponsor my passion for gaming.

I have never been able to pay back this person for what they had done for me(the person always refused). So i thought: “you know what, instead of trying to find a way to pay this particular individual back, why don’t I continue the cycle?”

The Beginning of the Cycle

This is how CharGaming was born. To continue the cycle of Charity specifically for the gaming community.

It all started last year during the pandemic. I thought I could at least help some people cope with the multiple lock-downs and unfortunate news that was swarming around their heads. At least I could get their minds of the tragedy, with a little display of charity. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t in the best position financially, but as my grandma used to say: “if one is not able to be charitable with the little they have, they will not be charitable when they have more”. So I thought: “You know what? Even though I don’t have much let me at least do something to help and hopefully it will cause a chain reaction.”

The Chain Reaction

I set up a website, with the domain: chargaming.com, created a system where users can earn points(aptly called CharPoints )with various activities, that can be then used to redeem gaming-related rewards (at the moment of writing one can redeem Random Steam Keys with this system, but the system will expand itself as the community expands).

I reached out to various gaming communities to let them know about this system, and slowly people started signing up.

Then started promoting our discord server, where we run various giveaways and contests, where people can win charpoints or steam games, in a fun and interactive manner. So people can also link up with each other.

After a while I started noticing a few individuals in the community who have picked up the banner and are proactively finding ways to help support the spirit of CharGaming. Some have giving me items to use for giveaways, some have even organized events out of their own will. If you are reading this, I just want to let you know that, I appreciate all you are doing.

It might not be much, but at least it is the confirmation I needed to know that something is moving. The chain reaction is starting!
That itself is extremely encouraging and gives me the motivation to keep on doing what I am doing.