presents... BATTLEBEASTS

An online FPS PVP MMO featuring anthropomorphic beasts battling each other for supremacy.

You are free to build towering defenses, with a panel style building system, ride the most futuristic vehicles are you navigate the world in search for resources, to come up on top of the food chain.

Why you should Join us

Well we got cookies! Nah just kidding.

CharGaming is a gaming community based on giving. We are committed to give back to our community, to make sure that, eventually every gamer in this community has what they need to enjoy their experience.

How do we give back

Through a point system, you earn points by interacting with the community, sharing posts with us, memes, stories, screenshots etc.

You can use those points to redeem, game related items in our gift shop, like vouchers, coupons, games. More items will be added as the community grows.

  • Community Focused Website

    This website is all about gamers connecting with other gamers, and we provide tools to help people link up with each other.

  • Friendship System

    Akin to popular social media platforms, one can choose which members of the community to linkup with.

  • Gaming Focused

    We are focused on gaming and its surrounding culture.

  • Level up and Earn Real rewards

    Interact with the community, like, post, comment, befriend and much more, to earn points that can be sued to redeem rewards in our online shop.